Extreme care is given to what is considered the most important link of the production process: welding.
In the welding business C.O.M.S. has built-qualified workmen. The competence and professionalism of the men are skilled in close collaboration with the Italian Institute of Welding, and according to the criteria established by contractual requirements and regulations.
The qualifications C.O.M.S. hold different types of welding, including: welding protective gas with the active electrode wire fuse (MAG welding); arc welding with electrodes; Active protective gas welding with animated electrode; arc welding with tungsten electrode (TIG welding); submerged arc welding; PED welding on equipment and piping under pressure.
The different types of welding are performed on a variety of materials, including: carbon steels, steels, chromium-molybdenum steel, stainless steel, Weldox, Hardox, Corten; and for thicknesses up to 200 mm.